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Royal Mansour

February 15, 2018

Royal Mansour absolutely blew my mind left, right, and center.  It’s considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and for great reason.  About 7 years ago, King Mohammed VI (the current king of Morocco) hired over a thousand craftsmen to build this masterpiece, sparing at no expense with every intricate detail from the tiling of the floors, to the beads on the pillows, to the carvings in the moldings.  The attention to detail is authentically  incredible, but the beauty of it all is so beyond belief that pictures simply cannot do enough justice.


As a guest of Hotel Royal Mansour, you are treated like royalty as soon as your plane touches down at Marrakech airport.  As soon as you walk off the plane, a member of the hotel staff will be there waiting to escort you through fast-track security customs.  Usually hotels start to make you feel at home when you arrive on their premises, but not Royal Mansour.  Instead, they go above and beyond to make you feel welcome as soon as you arrive in their city, let alone their hotel.  I felt like a celebrity being escorted to the front of the line (and not just any line, but an outrageously long line) to glide through customs with ease.


Royal Mansour offers free transfers to and from the airport.  After being escorted through passports fast-track, you are greeted by your driver who wears an authentic style outfit complete with a fez hat and elegant white gloves.  Marrakech is a very bustling city, so the drive to the hotel is quite exciting but is also especially comfortable thanks to the hotel’s luxury Mercedes.  On the way, you’ll see people everywhere, cars whizzing by, palm trees glistening in the sunlight, and hectic (in a good way) cafés and souks.  Before you know it, you’ll make a turn off the main road and end up in front of large security gates.  Once you are cleared, you drive through opulent gardens and arches to the grand entrance of Hotel Royal Mansour.  There, you will be greeted by a staff member, also dressed in an authentic military-style outfit and white gloves, to welcome you to the glamorous establishment.  The hotel is located within a medina of it’s own just outside the walls of the famous old town.  Although it is just a few minutes walk from the bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa square, the atmosphere couldn’t have a bigger contrast.  The peace and serenity that lies within the Mansour walls is something that must be seen to be believed!

The lavish interior of Royal Mansour is to die for.  From the moment you step foot in the lobby, you enter a completely different universe than anything you’ve ever seen.  White draped curtains, sultry red couches, the most beautiful tile work on the floors and walls, the tranquil water fountain in the center, every little detail makes it out of this world.  Once you are greeted by the friendly staff (who will already know you by name) you will be escorted to your own private riad.  Guests at this hotel do not stay in rooms or suites.  Instead, you get luxury accommodation in an individual, 2-story riad (a traditional Moroccan-style house) with courtyard patios, sitting rooms, 2 or more bathrooms, an indoor fireplace, and roof terraces with plunge pools and fire pits.  There are two flat screen TVs, one in the living area on the first floor and one in the bedroom on the second floor.  The larger riads with two or more bedrooms come with a private butler service and rooftop tents near their pools.  Each riad offers complementary WiFi and comes equipped with a packed out minibar.  Everything in the riad is decorated to perfection and I can guarantee that once you enter yours, you won’t ever want to leave.


In fact, if you didn’t want to leave the riad at all, you won’t have to!  The hotel’s service is impeccable and is prepared to meet your every request.  They have an underground tunnel system in which the staff use to enter and exit the riads so you never actually see them on the hotel grounds.  One of the butlers let me have a sneak peak of the tunnel system and it is actually unreal, like something out of a James Bond movie.

The staff went above and beyond in taking care of my riad.  It was cleaned twice a day and if I ever needed anything they were happy to help.  I ordered breakfast and lunch up to my roof terrace every day and enjoyed it by my private pool.  I think most guests do the same because the lobby and common areas were almost never crowded.  Since you never see the staff and rarely ever see any other guests, you tend to feel as if you have the entire hotel all to yourself.  It’s basically like living in a palace!


Aside from the exemplary accommodations, there are 3 incredible restaurants in the hotel.  Two are gourmet (one Moroccan and one French) and there’s a more relaxed Mediterranean-style restaurant with a terrace outside.  The Moroccan restaurant has a Michelin star and is said to serve the best Moroccan food in all of Marrakech.  There are also 3 bars; one glamorous bar near the Mediterranean restaurant, one sleek piano bar, and one separate cigar bar.  Other amenities include 2 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool, a ridiculously beautiful spa and an entertaining kids’ club for the younger guests.


The pool situated next to the Mediterranean restaurant is lovely but the hotel has just built it’s 2nd, more grandiose pool in the hidden garden oasis called Le Jardin.  There is also a new experiencing being offered to for non-hotel guests to have the opportunity to purchase a day pass to access the hotel.  The pass offers lunch at Le Jardin restaurant as well as the option to rent a pool pavilion which includes a sitting room, a poolside terrace and sun loungers.  The experiences can also be extended to include treatments in the spa at an extra cost.


Can we just talk about the spa for a second?  Boasting 3 stories, it definitely has the “wow” factor when you walk in with it’s massive ‘bird cage’ architecture that is just spectacular.  The indoor pool is special in itself and is probably the most beautiful indoor pool I’ve ever seen.  There are private spa suites that can be rented for various treatments along with two Hammams, a hair salon, an exercise gym, a nail salon, a relaxation area and a tea lounge that serves juice and healthy dishes.


Royal Mansour 100% gets the Ostrich Approval.  The calm atmosphere makes it easy to disconnect, relax and enjoy the magical moments in your very own Moroccan palace.  It’s prime location, within walking distance to main attractions such as Jemaa el-Fnaa and Majorelle Garden, boosts it’s rating even more.  Without a doubt, this was the best hotel I have and probably will ever stay in.  They literally had to drag me out of my riad kicking and screaming when it was time to check out because the experience was so priceless and I loved every minute.  I know it’s a bit on the costly side in comparison to other hotels in the Red City, but if you’re ever planning a trip to Morocco, I urge you to splurge if you can or even just opt for the day pass!  I could go on for ages about how amazing it is, but I’ll stop here, just trust me that you won’t regret it!

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