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No Place Like Nammos!

February 2, 2018

It’s all about the day parties in Mykonos.  The island is buzzing with trendy beach clubs, but the most famous of all is none other than the world-renowned Nammos.  It’s the place where champagne flows like water and super yachts fill the bay ahead.  If you’re looking for high end Mykonos, this is the one place not to miss.

The ultra chic beach party and restaurant is located on the southern part of the island called Psarou.  During summer months, it’s always fully booked so reservations for both sun beds and tables are an absolute must, especially on weekends.  You can go here just for lunch, but I recommend booking beds on the beach prior to your table reservation to get the full Nammos experience.  Try to get the beds around noon because they tend to fill up rather quickly.  There are plenty of servers on the beach to keep the cocktails flowing throughout the day, offering small plates to snack on as well.


It is important to know that there are two sections of the restaurant.  On the left side, the tables are outside situated in the sand.  On the right, the tables are undercover and close to the pumping DJ.  If you’re there for a party, you have to schmooze with the hostesses to snag a table inside.  The outside restaurant is lovely and you can still hear the music, but the restaurant inside is where champagne is sprayed and everyone is up dancing on table tops.


The restaurant closes at 10pm so the best time to have a table booked is around 4pm for a late lunch.  This will give you enough time to enjoy your meal before the party kicks off and you start dancing on your table.  The food is divine and the service is even better.  The waitstaff are very personal and try their hardest to make sure you have a good experience.  I highly recommend the feta saganaki (Greek fried cheese) and the classic Greek salad.  Enjoy the food while you can because before you know it, the restaurant turns into a wild dance party where the servers party just as hard as the glamorous clientele.


Nammos deinitely gets the Ostrich Approval.  It’s my favourite day party on the island and if I could, I would go over and over again.  If you’re looking for flip flop luxury and a busy beach filled with beautiful people, this is your one-stop shop! Nammos, nammos, nammos!!!

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