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Mykonos Town

January 25, 2018

Mykonos Town, better known by the locals as Chora, is the island’s port town and capital.  It’s only accessible by foot and has picturesque surprises around every corner.  Back in the day, the town was purposefully constructed to confuse pirates so the cobbled streets seem more like an endless, charming maze flooded by trendy shops and buzzing restaurants. (Read my post here for my personal recommendations for shopping, eating and partying.)


There are two harbours in Chora, one on each end, that enclose the town itself.   The famous 16th Century windmills are set on one end, overlooking the town where visitors come to enjoy a drink during the day, or more popularly, to watch the Myconian sun set into the night.  The other harbour is where the ferries depart, creating a busy scene all day long.  You can walk from one harbour to the other along the coastline, better known as Little Venice.  (To see more on Little Venice, visit my my post here).  But behind Little Venice, in between the harbours, is where most of the action happens.


Having been to Mykonos a number of times, I’ve had the pleasure of staying in various areas around the island.  Since getting around Mykonos can be quite difficult, as there’s only 30 public taxi’s on the entire island, I think the easiest area to stay is either in Mykonos Town or close to it.  Most of the party restaurants are in the town so it’s best if you can walk home after a night out rather than trying to find transportation.  Of course most of the hotels on the island have shuttles and private drivers, but there are private chauffeur companies you can look into as well.


Where to Stay in/near Chora:

Cavo Tagoo : One of the most luxurious hotels on the island, located just outside of Mykonos Town, that sits on a hill in between the two ports.

Harmony Boutique Hotel : Trendy boutique located a short walk from the restaurants and nightlife of Mykonos Town.

Belvedere Boutique Hotel : The best luxury hotel in Chora with views over the town and a club-like atmosphere around the swimming pool.

Tharroe of Mykonos : Best view of Mykonos Town and the old port.  About a 20 minute walk from the restaurants and Nightlife.

Boheme Mykonos : The luxurious bohemian hideaway is one of the newest hotels on the island and is just a 12 minute walk from Little Venice.

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