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Fun in Fira

November 12, 2017

Fira, the capital of Santorini, is the busiest and most central town on the island.  The streets are packed with restaurants, shops and most of the island’s nightlife.  If you are coming to Santorini to party and hit the bars, you will most likely be spending a lot of your time in Fira.  The town has stunning views of the volcano and is a nice place to wander around, especially during the day.  The winding streets and steps run downhill with lots of shops and restaurants scattered around.  Fira is busiest not only for it’s beauty but also because it’s home to the main bus hub, which gives it the easiest access to every other town.  You can also take a cable car down to the old port from here, but you won’t be allowed to swim in the sea since it’s the main ferry port.  The only downside to this town is that you can’t see the sunset from here, but it is definitely best for those seeking a lively atmosphere.


Where to Stay?

Aria Suites : Boutique hotel with just 6 suites in a prime location just outside the center of town.  Considered to be the best hotel in Fira.

Cosmopolitan Suites : Intimate hotel with just 10 rooms and great views.

Astro Palace : Located in the heart of Fira, this hotel is praised for it’s pool.

Where to Eat?

Nikolas Taverna : A small, family-run restaurant serving the best traditional food in Fira.

Argo : One of the only restaurants offering sunset views in Fira.  Reservations are recommended.

Lucky’s Souvlaki : The best gyro on the island.  Cheap and delicious.


Where to Drink?

Tango : Located on the cliff side of Fira, this champagne bar has an open roof with clear views of the summer sky.

2 Brothers : Fun, friendly, and crazy.  Get ready to dance on the bar with the bartenders.

Koo Club : This indoor/outdoor nightclub located in the heart of Fira is definitely the best place for dancing.

Tropical : A small but classy club with amazing views of the caldera.

Kira Thira Jazz Bar : The oldest and most popular bar in Fira.

Murphy’s : This Irish pub is considered to be the best bar for meeting new people.

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