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17 Things to Do in Santorini

November 15, 2017

Santorini is famous for its cliff-side architecture and stunning views.  If you are looking for a romantic getaway, this is the place.  Although some parts of the island are kept quiet (due to the protection from UNESCO World Heritage), there are still many things to see and do.


Although Santorini can be quite touristy, there are many ways to escape the crowds.  Here is a list with the top things to do on Santorini to make your trip unforgettable:

1. Hike from Fira to Oia.  It takes about two hours but it’s the best way to see the entire caldera.  The walk starts in Fira, then moves through Firostefani and Imerovigli before reaching Oia.  It’s a great way to experience all the views that Santorini has to offer and it’s free.  For a more in depth review of each town, view my post here.

2. Rather than staying on the pedestrian path on top of the cliff, descend down the stairs and wander into each town to experience the magic that lies within.

3. Oia has the most hidden pathways so if you get off the main path anywhere, make sure it’s here.  Around each corner there is a stunning view so be sure to have your camera ready!  While you get great views from the other towns, the best views by far are from Oia.  For more information on Oia, including what to do and where to eat, read my post here.

4. Visit the Santorini Volcano and take a dip in the hot springs.

5. Take a boat excursion.  Most leave from Amoudi Bay.  There are many types of cruises, including a sunset cruise, a volcano cruise, and an all day cruise.  Here is a great guide for finding boat tours that suit your interests.

6. Rent an ATV quad bike and explore the island on your own.  Your hotel will probably be able to book this for you.  The average cost is about 30 Euros for 24 hours.

7. Explore the countryside.  You’ll be very likely to stumble across a winery.

8. Visit one of the many wineries on the island.  There are many wine tours around the island that last half a day.  Take a scheduled tour or tour them yourself on an ATV. (Just don’t drink too much!)

9. Get a fish pedicure.

10. Take the cable car from Fira to the Old Port.  The cable car runs every 20 minutes but you are welcome to walk if you prefer.

11. Visit one of the Santorini beaches.  Perissa Beach is the best swimming beach and is a 45 minute drive from Oia.

12. Watch a movie at the popular outdoor cinema on Kamari Beach.

13. Visit the Akrotiri Lighthouse at the southern end of Santorini.  You won’t be allowed to enter the lighthouse since it’s used by the Greek Navy, but it’s location is said to be the “best photo opportunity” on the island.

14. Go to Red Beach.  It’s the most famous beach on Santorini and has a red volcanic cliff that’s worth visiting.  It’s volcanic history makes you feel like you’re on Mars with all the red sand, red pebbles, and red rock formations.

15. Watch the world renowned sunset from Oia.  This should be on everyone’s bucket list.

16. Eat a traditional souvlaki. Also known as a gyro.  Your tastebuds will thank you.

17. Experience the real meaning of “dinner with a view” from one of the many cliffside restaurants along the caldera.  For recommendations, view my posts here and here.


For a breakdown of each Santorini town with recommendations for places to stay and places to eat, read My Big Fat Greek Guide to Santorini here.

To see more from Oia, read my post The Best of Oia here.

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